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Malcolm Moore’s first exposure to this crazy music called house was in 1987 when he taped the late night shows on Minneapolis-based urban radio station KMOJ. He quickly found that his thirst for this body-jackin’ sound was out of control, and as the ’80s passed into the ’90s and the Internet began to bloom, he enlisted the help of newly-found friends and fellow house heads to get a taste whenever he could.

After a while, though, even that wasn’t enough. He would acquire two turntables and a mixer in 2001 and launch one of the first deep house mix sites on the World Wide Web, r0xNadZmy00zik, shortly thereafter. He would provide mixes there and meet up with acquaintances to do the Sit ‘n Spin set of shows. Music production followed in 2003, and by 2004 he had collaborated with several friends on a vinyl project named Sound Principle, his first. In late 2004, he conceived the Altered Moods Recordings record label, but it would not release any material until mid-2006.

All the while, Malcolm continued to perfect his craft, starting the first “Under the Bridge” series of shows on the Planet Soul radio network and then securing a residency at the Estimulo Show in 2007. The first real parties occurred a year later, when he put together the first of two DeepSummit tours, featuring fellow DJs and friends from around the globe. He then picked up solo gigs beginning in 2009. He has played at many European venues, including but not limited to about://blank (Berlin), HAFEN 2 (Frankfurt/Offenbach), Tresor (Berlin), Chez Jacki (Berlin), Fisk & Vilt (Oslo), SWITCH Bar (Barcelona), and Kristina Records Dalston (London). He currently hosts a weekly radio show (again called “Under the Bridge”) on the MotionFM Internet radio station and has for nearly two years. He also continues to appear as a guest on the Estimulo Show, when he is not playing out in Europe during the summer.

Malcolm Moore is a DJ of many styles, comfortable in almost any setting, and unable to be pigeonholed. He prefers smaller venues, where he can connect with and lead the crowd along a one-of-a-kind, deeptastic journey. He continues to push boundaries and execute new ideas, all the while sticking to his deep house roots.

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